Lu Tries To Do a blog

Hello! Here’s my first blog post. Are sewing blogs even a thing anymore? Do people still read them? Or am I stuck in 2010? I know Vlogs are all the rage these days but honestly, I find them overwhelming and so much work. I don’t really like filming myself and the beauty of a blog is that I could be typing this is in my underwear and you’d never know.

Renfrew top with RTW Gorman skirt

So what’s the purpose of this? To document my journey as I rediscover my sewing machine. Plus, I miss writing, even if it’s just for myself.

I started sewing as a kid – my mum owned a belly dance studio so we did lots of costume sewing. Our golden rule was “if you can’t see it from stage it doesn’t matter”, so everything was slap dash and very poorly constructed. Once you covered it in sequins though it didn’t matter! It’s taken me a long time to outgrow this philosophy and I am now focusing on slow sewing and beautiful finishes. Some recent lifestyle changes mean I have more time for sewing again and it’s been such a pleasure to sit down at my machine.

Posing with my Mum and little sister in costumes that we made

I can’t promise I’ll stick to any kind of posting schedule, but I will try my best.




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